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Your Next Step After C9 is F15

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C9 was an awesome start - Now next 15 days are very cruial with F15.

F15 offers a personalized approach to looking better and feeling better. Choose a fitness level that helps you achieve your goals and puts you on the path to permanent change.

New to fitness and nutrition? Start with F15 Beginner 1 & 2 to learn the basics and get the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition down before continuing on your journey.

Already moderately active? Jump ahead to F15 Intermediate 1 & 2 to continue what you’re doing and complement your lifestyle!

Already very active? Then, jump right into F15 Advanced 1 & 2 to create greater muscle definition and take your fitness to a whole new level.



  • People with Extreme Health Condition
  • Pregnant Women
  • Feeding / Nursing Women

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Please consult with a licensed physician or other qualified healthcare professional for more in-depth information before beginning any exercise program or using any dietary supplement. OAK TREE General Trading is not responsibile for any allerges or any health issues. We are Distributor of Products in 160 countries since last 5 years. All Supplements should be taken with your doctor or physician's advice. Many of our clients lost 3 kgs to 8 kgs within 9 days once they follow complete guidence program in the pack. If you are too much over weight you must go for complete 54 days program which is c9 (9 days Program) + F15 (15 days Program) + V5 (30 days program)

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New to fitness and nutrition? Then you can start with F15 Beginner 1 and 2. Learn the basics of fitness with customized body-weight workouts, fundamental movements and basic cardio. Build your foundation with easy to follow supplement and nutrition guides, healthy recipes, weight management products and important lifestyle tips like the benefits of protein and how to build a better breakfast.

Already moderately active but looking to step up your routine? Jump ahead to F15 Intermediate 1 and 2. With a supplement schedule of some of our favorite Forever weight management products, new healthy recipes, customized workouts, interval training and F.I.T. yoga, the F15 Intermediate program will help you see change in your body and build lean muscle. Learn the benefits of resistance training and high intensity cardio as well as information to help you make a permanent change like how to fight cravings and the importance of sleep for weight loss.


And for those who are already very active but search for a better program to support their goals there is F15 Advanced 1 and 2. Gain greater muscle definition with targeted workouts and advanced cardio routines with helpful insights on advanced concepts like tailoring your nutrition to your body type and understanding nutrient timing.